My route to photography was  not a straightforward one. I began my studies as a child psychologist and took a semester from studies. I decided to do a short course in theatre. The day of the course they rang to say it had been cancelled due to low numbers. They could offer me a spot in the pottery or photography class....and so the love affair began. I went onto to study photography at RMIT university. 

I was always going to specialise in photographing children. I ADORE kids. I think I haven't quite grown up. I absolutely love photographing kids and catching all their myriad of expressions.I love making them laugh.

​I have been a family photographer for for 15 years. I garnered my reputation for my work in children fashion. I was asked by a mum would I be able to photograph her child and 12 years later- I work with both fashion labels and families alike.

​We talk and laugh a lot on the shoots- we talk about cats who think they are mermaids and my dogs who run their own ice-cream van. That is the secret to the magic in my pictures- capturing a child's imagination.

sheena x